The Great Spirit has arrived.

Javarnanda presents “The great spirit”, a 3 tracks EP for a mystic journey through your mind and soul. Begin your spiritual journey here: Performed by Javarnanda Instruments: Guitars, Synths, Drum Machine Produced by Filippo Politi Recorded in Italy Artwork by Philip De Molay Live session Reconstruction. Sunlover Records. 2018 (c) Advertisements

Volcano Red Sunset by AM 1984 is out now!

The Italian producer and composer “AM 1984” (real name Maurizio Avossa), celebrates his love with italo disco sounds and movie soundtracks from the 80s dropping his first studio album, “Volcano Red Sunset”. Released on Sunlover Records, the album showcases the distinctive sound of that era, with lush pads, warm melodies and lucid grooves. “Volcano Red … More Volcano Red Sunset by AM 1984 is out now!


Following the release of his first twelve inches in 2016, Andy Fox is back with another exciting Maxi-EP. A rich and diverse palette of 7 tracks occupies the record, touching on italo disco, some sparks of bass driven synthwave and the late ’80s house sound. “RITMO!” is full of melodies, injecting beats and energy that … More Ritmo!

Azzurro 80 “Sonorizzazioni TV”. The broadcast must go on.

Sunlover Records proudly presents Azzurro 80 “Sonorizzazioni TV”. Azzurro 80 is an electronic music composer and producer based in Italy. The idea behind his project is the passion for the ’80s sound and lifestyle. His first debut album “Sonorizzazioni TV” is an evocative collection of soundtracks from imaginary TV broadcasts. Available on digital and limited … More Azzurro 80 “Sonorizzazioni TV”. The broadcast must go on.

“Italowave” Compilation out now!

Sunlover Records presents the third installment for the Sunlover Records Compilation Series. 7 tracks from Italian producers bringing you the finest blend of Italo and synthwave for your summer soundtrack. Support: A Space Love Adventure / Andy Fox / Javarnanda / Abobo / Apollo Zapp / BOOM.BO / Nash Pecetta / Vincenzo Salvia / Heclysma Thanks to all the artists included and a … More “Italowave” Compilation out now!

Abbiamo fatto una chiacchierata con Soundwall

Oggi abbiamo scambiato due parole con Giosuè Impellizzeri per Soundwall; gli abbiamo raccontato un po’ come è nata Sunlover Records e cosa c’è dietro. Ecco com’è andata! Fondata nel 2014, la Sunlover Records si dichiara un’etichetta “specializzata in synthwave, dreamwave, space disco e synthpop con uno speciale italo touch”. Tenendo un piede nel presente ed … More Abbiamo fatto una chiacchierata con Soundwall