Superflight’s “Arcade Run” review on Soundwall by Giosuè Impellizzeri


Quick translation into english: Really intriguing EP by the german artist Superflight, that entrusts his music to the Italian label Sunlover Records. The two scarce minutes of ” Cromatique” preview leave just glimpse the reference scenario, but with the song ” Arcade Run ” that Berlin producer Superflight shows his best potential, recalling the Alden Tyrell ‘s ” Disco Lunar Module” with a powerful review on Italo disco , further reverberated in ” Noir Fantôme ” and ” Infusion Electric ” : it shows some similarity with ” Rock the Box” by Sylvester 1984 , but unfortunately it lacks vocal lines that would further have enhanced the song. With “Metronome” , finally, it reserves a trip excelled in brake dance mode, which so resembles retrofuturism, that labels affiliated to Clone have spread relentlessly for years . You can find it on Bandcamp.

Original link here:


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