Sunlover Records presents “Sole, Whisky… e sei in Compilation”

Italo-disco label Sunlover Records presents their tribute to the soundtracks of legendary Italian Christmas movies (“Cinepanettoni”)

Christmas in Italy means at least two certainties: panettone and cinepanettone!
Therefore, every year, Italian national TV broadcasts “Vacanze di Natale ’83” (Christmas Holidays ’83), a successful Italian-style comedy which was the first of a series that punctually, every Christmas, talks about intricate love misfortune, bad habits and the lifestyle of Italians.
Without fail, those images go side-by-side the most famous Italo-disco hits, a music genre created at the end of the Seventies which became established in the Eighties, filling discos all over the world.
At Christmas 2016, Sunlover Records label plays their aces in honour of easy-going Italian comedy: “Sole, Whisky e sei in Compilation” is the unmistakable title that brings together four new tracks: “Sole, whisky e sei in pole position”, “Club Cristallo”, “Le strade di Cortina” and “Moira & Luana”.

Poster-style portraits of the producers peer out of the cover, created by designer Overglow: Abobo, Andy Fox who features a collaboration with Russian singer Daria Danatelli, A Space Love Adventure and Vincenzo Salvia featuring the voice of Giorgio Danke.
Italian Sunlover Records, even though young and independent, has already collaborated with Ryan Paris, voice of the hit “Dolce Vita” written by Gazebo and featured on the soundtrack of “Vacanze di Natale ‘83”.

“A Cinepanettone movie, is to me, like summer was in the words of Italian-comedy actor Jerry Calà: “not a season, but a mood”, and we live this way through the whole year. We’re sunlovers: we adore the sun”, claims Abobo, adjusting his skiing goggles.

At last we’re experiencing the Eighties at the cinema, in fashion and in music. Sunlover Records wants to be a reference point for those who lived through those years and struggle to forget them, but also for those who are simply fascinated by the polychrome authenticity of that era”, adds Vincenzo Salvia, proudly showing off his Christmas jumper.

“Sole, Whisky e sei in Compilation” is available online in exclusive on the label’s Bandcamp page by Monday 28th November, and consequently on the main digital stores.


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