Abobo (Alessandro Aiello) approached the world of music when he was seven, studying piano. In that period he studied authors like Bach, Mozart, Schumann, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky. It’s the end of the 80s and the radio broadcast the successes of pop, funk and italo disco, and being Alessandro strongly interested in that sound, he begins to collect tapes of the greatest artists of that period. At fourteen Alessandro stops studying classical music, and inspired by the musical background developed during childhood and early adolescence, which also includes movie and videogame soundtracks, of which Alessandro is a great lover, approaches the g-funk music scene, producing Italian and American artists. Around 2010 Alessandro runs from g-funk and inspired by the first synthwave artists, he begins to work on new projects. The path is long and only in 2016, thanks to the label Sunlover Records, he releases his first official work “Addictions”, with clear funk and italo disco influences.

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