The project started by Patrick in 2006 as a possibility to express at the best sounds, visions, sensations and multimedial stuff in a Synth-New-Retrofuture-Wave-80s style. In 2009 he started to make live-performances. Simultaneously he produced several video clips. Throughout the period 2007 and 2013 Shio-Z found some collaborators to increase his artistic range and potentiality: Pluse Ensure, Igor & Agnese, Switchblade, Fabio Mittino, Giovanni Mantoan, Valerio Badioli, Plaisance, Claudia Ortolani and Vincenzo Salvia to name a few. The SHIO-Z project finds its artistic-intentions in a conscious fusion of more elements and the result is an experience of several displays of expressions filled in one single synaesthetic sensation.

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