Vincenzo Salvia

Vincenzo was born in 1983 in Potenza, Southern Italy, and he started to play “acoustic spoondrums” when he was 6-7 yo. He usually played “In the air tonight” on his straw chairs but he had to stop when all of his chairs were broken, so he asked his parents to take some piano lessons and wooden chairs.
He started to learn guitar when he was 14 years old and then he played in some rock and metal bands, even some live concerts here and there in Italy.
In 2004 he fell in love with the electronic music and he started his first one-man-band project: Schatten, already with that 80s touch.
In summer 2011 he changed the moniker Schatten into his real name Vincenzo Salvia, and he started to work also for some TV commercials (Mediaset) and soundtracks.
The turning point was the summer 2012 when he released his first true inspired “Outrun” album: “Voyage” and officially entered into the “Synthwave” scene.
He’s also one of the founders of Sunlover Records.

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